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Personalized Meal Plans: The Simplest Way To Lose Weight

Healthy Meal Plan

At the start of each week, you choose what meals you want to cook, when to eat out, and when you get a cheat meal. Then AvoToast fills in your meal plan with healthy recipes and builds a shopping list for you.

Simple Calorie Counting

No app has easier calorie counting. If you stuck to your plan, one tap and you're done logging! When you eat something else, our database of over 1 million foods will help you find it! Eating out? We've got you covered with healthy (but still tasty) suggestions for many restaurants and fast food places.

Delicious Recipes

We curate recipes for you every week that are healthy, easy to cook, and easy on the wallet. You'll be losing weight right away and shocked at how much money you're saving compared to eating out all the time!


Get smart, gentle nudges to remind you to stay on track. Weight loss is hard and we all need a little extra help sometime!

Weight Tracking

Automatically track your weight through Apple Health or Google Fit compatible scales, or log your weight each day.

Order Groceries

Coming soon! Order your meal plan groceries directly from Amazon Fresh, Walmart, or InstaCart.

My Story

Hi! I'm Josh and I'm the creator of AvoToast. A few years ago, I saw the picture on the left from a wedding. I really wasn't happy with how I looked, so, I decided I was done being overweight. I started calorie counting and lost 50 pounds over 3 years. But it wasn't easy or simple. The weeks I meal planned and prepped food ahead of time, I lost weight quickly. When I didn't plan I would stop losing weight, sometimes for months. So I built AvoToast to help you lose weight consistently and more easily by focusing on meal planning ahead of time paired with calorie counting.

Since using AvoToast, I’ve lost 15 pounds and have been continuing to eat healthier. The different options I have for meal planning and being able to find recipes to incorporate into it has been super helpful. I love that I can mark a meal as a cheat meal and have the flexibility to change my meal plans as the week goes on.  


Happy AvoToast User

I absolutely LOVE AvoToast! I've tried so many different diets and this is the first one that stuck. I love that it isn't restrictive. I can eat McDonald's sometimes and lose weight and it doesn't try to make me feel bad about it.


Happy AvoToast User

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