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Weight Loss For Millennials

Have you tried to lose weight but got overwhelmed by how hard it is to pick recipes, how much time it takes to cook, how expensive healthy food is, and how hard calorie counting is? AvoToast is here to help busy millennials lose weight.
No crash diets. No expensive shakes. No giving up carbs forever. Just a customized meal plan filled with cheap, healthy, and easy recipes.
Josh Gachnang Profile
Hi! I'm Josh Gachnang, and I built AvoToast to help with my own weight loss. I lost 50lbs just by calorie counting. The thing that frustrated me most was trying to come up with meal plans every week. The weeks I planned and prepped food ahead of time, I lost weight quickly. When I winged it, I would plateau, sometimes for months. So I built AvoToast, both for myself, and to help others who are trying to lose weight.
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AvoToast is a subscription service that matches you with a guide to support your weight loss and create meal plans that are customized to you. It costs about the same as eating out once a week. You'll be cooking healthy meals at home more often, so it pays for itself!
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Sign up for the AvoToast mailing list now to get a free meal plan for this week. Every Friday, I'll send out a new healthy meal plan to help you lose weight, complete with recipes and a shopping list, delivered to your email.
The meal plan is filled with recipes that keep you full longer and are easy to make. It targets either 1200 or 1600 calories a day, so you can pick the one that works best for you.
What is AvoToast?
AvoToast is an app to help with your weight loss by focusing on healthy meal planning each week. The meal plans are personalized just for you by a real human guide. Your guide uses your calorie and macro goals, dietary preferences, restrictions, and allergies to provide you a meal plan that will help you lose weight for good.
How does it work?
Unlike calorie counting apps like MyFitnessPal, you'll start every week off with a plan and a shopping list. Then you go and buy the foods, and cook a couple of times a week. I like to add some meals that you can prep ahead of time so you don't need to cook every night. You'll have access to a personal guide that will help you stay on track, check in on you, and help you personalize your plan. The meal plan can be as flexible as you need, so you can still eat your favorite foods and go out to dinner.
Is this a meal subscription service?
Nope! You'll need to go buy your own food from your favorite grocery store each week. I like how easy meal subscription services are, but they are pretty expensive, and they also create a lot of packaging waste. My goal is to make cooking AvoToast meals just as easy as those services, and at a fraction of the cost. Heck, some nights the meals are as easy as taking food you prepped earlier from the freezer and popping it in the oven. That's easier than takeout and a heck of a lot cheaper!
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Awesome! Here's another shot to sign up for the weekly meal plan newsletter. Give it a try, cook a few of the recipes, and see if you love it! And if you don't, let me know! I want AvoToast to help the most people possible lose weight, so your feedback is important.